Corporate Overview

Nelson SWAG is a professional screen printing and embroidery service company. We focus on delivering quality which has earned us a well-deserved reputation as the flagship branding service provider in Missouri.


Since the inception of our company, we have worked with individuals and businesses to transform items with customized embroidery and screen prints. We have helped in fostering the brand marketing efforts of corporate entities who leverage our services to inscribe their corporate brands for communication purposes. We also work with individuals who like to express the drive for uniqueness within by customizing personal items or gifts for loved ones.


To enhance our ability to deliver excellent service to our customers, we have acquired cutting-edge machines capable of high-resolution printing and facilitates fast turnaround for our clients’ projects. Our passion for quality service and delivery has led us to our selection of suppliers that align with our values.


Whether you are branding for a small group or creating memorabilia for a national event, we can handle it and deliver our avowed quality on schedule. We do not rest on our laurels, we continue to embrace innovations to offer quality services to our customers.


Mission Statement

To facilitate the expression of individual uniqueness and corporate brand marketing through our services


Our Core Values


  • Integrity: We deliver on our promise and exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Excellence: Meticulous handling of projects to deliver flawless results.
  • Professionalism: Our service procedures are in tandem with ethics of professional service.
  • Passion: branding objects are not just a profession, it is a passion we live and breathe every day.


Unique Selling Proposition

The services of Nelson SWAG are miles apart from our closest competitors.  Here are some factors that make our service superior to others.

  1. Fast Turnaround: We can handle projects at short notice and deliver within your time constraint.
  2. Competitive Pricing: Our pricing structure offers the best value for money in the industry.
  3. Technical Expertise: We can handle projects that demand technical competence efficiently.
  4. Experience: Nelson SWAG has vast experience in screen-printing and embroidery.
  5. Technology: We use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver world-class embroidery and screen-printing projects.



Nelson SWAG delivers nothing but the best customer service and has earned consistent patronage from customers by handling their projects as a top priority. We provide our customer with the best products for their limited resources by working within their budget constraint. Our customer support staff are available round the clock to ensure the order process is seamless.


Our complete services are:


Screen Printing: Do you want a custom designed mug with metallic accent colors and your company slogan on the side? No problem! Our experts can print pixel-perfect texts and graphics on any hard surface. The quality of our prints is second to none, they do not fade or wear off with age.


Embroidery:  Do you need company uniforms with individual names added? Irrespective of the quantity or the uniqueness of every item, we can deliver to our client’s requirements with great precision. Do you need products personalized? We are able to do many of our products with personalization so each customer feels like they are getting a thoughtful, personal gift.


Products Supply:  We have relationships with several of our suppliers that can deliver product in short periods of time. Do you only need just 12 pieces? We have several suppliers who have small minimums to help us offer the best product to fit your needs.  Our variety of products range from Vacation Bible to School Shirts, Sports Uniforms, Corporate Gifts, Trade Show give away, and many more. If you want your company to have the best exposure, we can help you with the ideal product to showcase that design.


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